Yahoo IMAP Connector

Yahoo IMAP Connector 1.0

Access your Yahoo! mail quickly and easily from your favorite email program (See all)

Yahoo IMAP Connector provides an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) interface to your Yahoo! email account. All popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird support reading email using the IMAP protocol. Additionally, your Yahoo! email remains on the Yahoo! server, accessible from both your web browser and your desktop email program.
Use Yahoo IMAP Connector for:
- Faster reading/writing of Yahoo email messages
- Consolidating work/school/personal email accounts into one email program
- Backing up your Yahoo! email for safe keeping
- Offline access of Yahoo! email
- Notification of new incoming email, instead of manually checking several times a day
- No more Yahoo! email side ads, or slow web interface

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